Games and bargains

During my travels I regularly come across random specials and bargains and I like to pass them on to you, I will try to keep this as up to date as possible but please remember items listed may be already sold. Please advise If you wish to pick up or have me mail this for you. Email me here or just fill in the blanks below.

The Mummy, Tomb of the dragon emperor for DS.

In mint/sealed condition. $22.

Original Nes with new 72 pin connector, 2 controllers and all c ables

1 matel style Nintendo entertainment system, fully cleaned and refurbished. If you wish to have this modded feel free to ask me on options ( e.g New LED colour, reset glitch fixed ). Case is in perfect condition, no yellowing. The system is tested and working. if there is any issue I'll be happy for fix it. $50

Robo warrior

1 copy of Robo warrior for Nes. tested and working. $10