Services and price lists

Battery changing of Nes/Snes/Gb/Gbc/Gba games/Vmu battery changes. $ 10.
Game contact cleaning ( cartridge only ) $5
Nes 72pin replacement $25 Fitted
60 hertz switch for snes $30
n64 controller fix $25
Dreamcast reset fix $10
Ps2 laser ( fitted ) $35
nes reset fix. $10
ps2 hdd install. $40 plus HDD ( can provide your own )
ps2 swap disks plus door key $50installed
Red ring fix for 360 $90

Please keep in mind this is just a list of what people have requested so far, I also have a lot of parts in general so if there is just something your not sure of please just ask and I'll get back to you A.S.A.P

Some services in the works are as follows so keep an eye out.

Reverse console yellowing.
360 arcade sticks ( with swana or hori parts )
music game controllers ( DDR , POP'N Music, IIDX )

All questions and/or orders to or drop me a line below.